Tender Is The Night

by Endzweck

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Apathetic Expression: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQarbhi0zKQ
Before The World Ends: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFhospIwG6M


released December 9, 2015

Endzweck is Akifumi Mochizuki, Hirohisa Yamaguchi, Yoshinori Yamaguchi, Atsushi Oku and Takashi Uesugi
All songs written and arranged by Endzweck
Produced by Endzweck

Recorded by Daihei Yamanaka at Attic Studio
Mixed by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege

Additional Engineers
Additional vocals on "The Choice Is Yours" recorded by Mike Hasty
Additional vocals on "The World Seems To Be..." recorded by Miles Vinson

Lyrical Advice by Yuta Nakajima

Additional Vocals by
Kengo (For A Reason, As We Let Go) on "Curse"
Damien (On Bodies, As Friends Rust, Culture, Morning Again, Shai Hulud) on "The Choice Is Yours"
Koba (Loyal To The Grave, Birth Place, Unboy) on "The Choice Is Yours"
Shibui (16 Reasons) on "Indebtedness"
Tommy (Absolution, FC FiVE) on "Ask For Help"
Dave (Unbroken) on "The World Seems To Be..."
Kenzo (KamomeKamome, Switch Style) on "This Is The World"
Ryo (Crystal Lake, Infection) on "This Is The World"
Makimura (Otus, Will You Remember) on "This Is The World"

Design and art direction by Yusuke Okada



all rights reserved


Endzweck Tokyo, Japan

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Track Name: Apathetic Expression
The words for hating people 
Your proclamation of innocence
Arms and ammunition
Another meanings of the command to be right

I'm looking for something, but I don't know what they are
Belief in salvation 
Someone will be saved, is not us

I don't know what I should do
I don't know why I loved you
I don't know you anymore

I learned how to hate each other
I looked up your face

Apathetic expression

Losing sight of reality, losing sight of the light
The words for hating people
Generate hatred, generate a fear

Figures don't lie, but liars do figure
Origin of fracture
Get me out of the cage, get me out
The hope is gone

I have no words for my depression and hate
I have no words for my depression and hate
I have no words for my depression and hate
Track Name: Curse
It's too late
Always has been, always will be too late
You shut out what you are afraid of
A clock without a craftsman
Perhaps nothing is made
Nothing ends
Nothing ever ends

Wisdom or curse
Peace based on a lie
They claim their labors are to build a heaven

Wisdom or curse
The heaven is populated with horrors
They'll shout "Save us"
He'll whisper "NO"

None of you seem to understand
I'm not locked in here with you
You refuse to see things from my perspective
You refuse to see life on life's terms

Everyday, the future looks a little bit darker
But the past, even the grimy parts of it, keep on getting brighter
Everyday, the future looks a little bit darker
I've done what I came here for
You are a lifer

None of you seem to understand
I'm not locked in here with you
I refuse to be here, it's a peace based on a lie
I refuse to be here
It's a curse
Track Name: The Choice Is Yours
All the things you have been thinking make me sad
Are we destined down this path?

All the times we've talked about the living and the dead
What did you fear?
What were you looking for?

It's the choices that make us who we are
And we can always choose to do what is right
Too much pain you are afraid of
None of those matters
Find what you wanted
Find what you were looking for

Countless choices define our fate
Each choice, each moment
The future
In helpless silence and darkness, the power is in your hand
The choice is yours
Track Name: Indebtedness
I've lost everything
There is no safe place
I didn't sense darkness in your eyes

Liar's songs playing on the radio
An action in the dark
I didn't detect your lies

I'll never forget the destruction
I'm not listening to your explanation

Sorry but I can't pray, I don't know what to pray for
There is no hope left. You say "Don't be afraid"
How many centuries will the contaminants last?
I don't believe you, I don't believe anymore

Meaningless indebtedness
Track Name: Ask For Help
The problem is chronic
You live in misery
The words you gave me

The problem is chronic
Snap out of your reveries
You are like a lock
You are like a lock without a key

You still atone for the guilt of missing the school bus

Even though you want to live your life meaningful
You are looking for the reason why you punish yourself

Too young to insist that the education has no meaning
Living with chronic ache and serious illness
What time is it now, showing on your watch?

Do you think the problem is resolved when tomorrow comes?
Do you think you will be free than today when tomorrow comes?

I may be totally arrogant
Can you hear me out?
You're only scared to live your own life
Ask for help

You're just a loser if you fail to try
So give me a chance to help
Ask for help
Track Name: Compassion And Conviction
Will is everything, the will to act
Anger doesn't change the fact
You'll confront it and face the truth
It doesn't matter what happens to us
What really matter is how we deal with it

You did everything you could
Did you believe in your friend?
Did you respect him and stop blaming yourself
Allow the dignity of his choice

Whatever comes our way
Whatever battle we have raging inside us
We always have a choice
Compassion and Conviction

I choose to be the best of myself
Here is no escape from cruel world
Will is everything, the will to act
Compassion and Conviction
Track Name: The World Seems To Be...
The reason of your existence
There is no escape from this
You lose hope
Who do you trust? Who are you afraid of?

We got the right to live through persistent dedication
Determination to act, and its creation

This world seems to be a burden and it disgusts me
I hate you, please purge me of your garden
Before the world ends
I'll ask why is it rejecting me?
It's the same story, it's just different names

This world seems to be a burden and it disgusts me
I loved you, please stand by me in your garden
Before the world ends
I have things I need to try

We've worked hard, incredibly hard
We have made some progress
But we are not done
We are still in struggle
Track Name: This Is The World
Ignorance and powerlessness
The ending won't change even if you try to bear down on the others
I want it, and let it go
But start again without a word

This is the world, this is not hell yet
The sun is black, the sky is gray, the ground is corrupted
And the people are fools
This is the world in your eyes
Fanaticism made you caught inside the cage

Call down the authorities that you wanted to be
You always act like you're forlorn

I don't mean to make the world change
I'll just encourage you to a step forward

I'm here.
Deviation, deception, suppression and contamination.

Everything has lost its meaning
You lost the outcome, I lost the words
This is the world
This is not hell yet
Track Name: Before The World Ends
Fear and prayer
Law and order

There are disbeliefs and punishments that you wanted to know

Before tomorrow comes, You ran away from this town
It doesn't make sense
I hope I may be wrong

You had just left here, and you could not come back
The world is completely forgotten by you

This is the world you wished for

Before the world ends. Your story is not over
You don't care about the will of god
Before the world ends. Your story is not over
You don't care about the will of the world

I've lost my voice, I've lost my choice
I've lost my will, I've lost myself
Although, I'm still standing here
I'm still standing here

Before the world ends
Your story is not over
Don't care about the will of god
Your story is not over
This is your will